At AFK esports we are passionate about both games and people. 


While meeting at university; Jake, Robert, Chris, and Landon quickly became friends through a mutual love for video games. It was not only storylines, gameplay, or amazing visuals that we loved, but also the unforgettable moments you get to share with your friends. What we realised is that there was nowhere that people like us could go to enjoy video games from outside our mancaves. 

Then it dawned on us… why not take it upon ourselves to create a place where people can come together in the love of esports. With the growth and demand for esports in New Zealand, it was a no brainer! AFK is all about stimulating esports in New Zealand and bringing people together. 


How do we do this? In two ways: Tournaments and Viewership.

Meet the Team

Coming from a sporting background Chris is passionate about creating opportunities for people to compete in esports, and understands how good tournaments are run. Regardless Chris is bronze and his setup is a laptop and $10 mouse.

Chris Steeghs

After playing nearly every esport and not being good at a single one, Jake found more enjoyment in watching the people who are. It's Jakes dream to create an environment which supports upcoming players.

Jake Wichers

Rob is one of New Zealand's elite when it comes to Smash Bros. Coming from a marketing background, he brings his experience of content creation and social media to the table. Rob is passionate about bringing people together about things they enjoy

Robert Vivian

Poor student by day and poor gamer by night, Landon is ready to challenge anyone to any game knowing that he will most likely lose... Which is probably why he is excited about bringing people together to play video games, regardless of skill-level

Landon Smith