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Who is AFK?

The Genesis

AFK was born in a humble setting: a friendly Halo lan that Jake and Robert took part in. Like all great lan parties, it took an hour to set up, updating Xboxes, finding batteries for controllers, and everyone being cramped together on an old couch. After a couple of hours of team slayer and a few beers, they got thinking: “Surely there’s got to be somewhere that people like us can go to enjoy gaming socially”. And there wasn’t...

So the two decided to start something of their own. Both nearing the end of their studies at University, they decided to create something related to the things they were passionate about: esports, and people. So, with some sizable student loans, a few pennies from their savings, and less than adequate gaming skills, AFK Esports was born.

We hope to create something special.

The Potential

The Esports Industry is growing rapidly, and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down. Some tournaments achieve higher view counts than that of mainstream sports. We’re seeing a new wave of game enthusiasts who love to watch their favorite esports.

But here in NZ, there’s very little to facilitate this growing demand. Whether it’s a social environment or an exhilarating competition, we aim to create environments that bring people together. AFK Esports aims to drive growth within the NZ Esport Industry and provide more opportunities for people like us.

The Method

When you want to watch the rugby you go to the pub. When you want to watch league of legends you pull up twitch and stay at home… What if we brought esports to the pub so you can watch your favorite teams play with a beer in hand? At AFK we want to create a future where it is normal to go out and watch esports with your mates. We want people to have an amazing experience without all the hassle involved. This is why we are going to host a variety of viewership events where we do all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Our Mission To bring people together through the love of video games.

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